Make your meetings delightfully productive. With Vowel, there’s nothing to download and no need to cobble together a bunch of different tools.

Thousands of teams use Vowel to have better meetings

Great video meetings don't just happen.


Plan and share your agenda, so everyone can come prepared to contribute.


Vowel includes meeting transcription, so you don't need to worry about missing anything.


Share highlights, rewatch key moments, and ensure everyone is clear on action items.


Get everyone on the same page in advance.

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See what's coming up

Connect to Google Calendar to create and distribute agendas for your upcoming meetings.

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No more "no agenda"

Use a go-to template or start with a blank canvas. Give everyone a head’s up on the plan.

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Make sure everyone has a say

Get topic input from your teammates and use the agenda to share read-only updates async.

As a remote-first company, Vowel has laid the foundation for how we communicate and how we learn from one another across time zones. Without it, we’d be screwed!

Matthias WagnerMatthias WagnerCEO Flux


Vowel combines video conferencing with live meeting transcription and notes.

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Be heard, even on mute

React with an emoji, share a comment, or raise your hand. Talk time keeps oversharing in check.

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Focus on participating

Vowel's automated meeting transcription means there's no old-school "processing."

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Capture outcomes, together

Your agenda is the starting point for actionable notes anyone can contribute to or access later.


A meeting's impact shouldn't end when you hang up.

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Rewatch, on demand

Get a link to watch past meetings instantly. Jump to the highlights or watch at 2X.

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Ctrl+F any meeting

Need to revisit a decision or action item? Quickly find who said what in the meeting transcript.

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Clear takeaways

Turn the notes into a shareable summary of decisions, next steps, and action items.

I’m already moving most of my meetings to Vowel. I’m blown away by the transcription quality, shared notes, and the wonderful ability to find key moments. Not to mention everything is fast. My clients have been impressed, too.

Brian WangBrian WangExecutive Coach, Dashing Leadership

Video meetings made better with Vowel

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