Sales Teams

Sales teams

close in Vowel

Make sure that you make that you don’t forget what you and your customers have spoken about. Better understand how to improve on calls that you have with your customers? Vowel enables Sales teams to deliver the most value to their customers as possible.

Keep track of what was said in meetings

  • Transcribe users calls
  • Action items are tracked within Vowel
  • Privacy is guaranteed

Vowel records and transcribes your sales calls all in one place. No longer do you need to turn on multiple apps. Your follow-up items can all be tracked within Vowel’s robust action items system, so never worry about not delivering on a promise that you’ve made to a customer. Vowel is secure and private, anybody on the call can pause the recording if they need to.

Keep all your calls organized

  • Schedule meetings right in Vowel
  • All your upcoming and previous meetings are in the Vowel dashboard
  • Sharable folders

Do everything related to meetings within your Vowel dashboard. Vowel integrates with Google Calendar to make sure that you never miss a meeting. Impromptu meetings can be created with one click right in the Vowel dashboard. You can review all of your previous meetings quickly and easily. Organize your Vowel meetings in folders that make sense to you that you can share with your team.

Train your sales team

  • All meetings can be shared within your organization
  • Specific portions of calls can be highlighted and shared
  • Create notes/bookmarks in meetings after the meeting

All of your sales calls can be recorded and shared internally with the rest of the sales team. Review the whole call or just specific parts of the call to help with coaching/improvements to your sales calls/processes. Notes can be added and shared at specific points in the transcript to provide valuable feedback.

Resources for creating better meetings

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7 lessons from a product design team of one

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