Product Teams

Product Teams

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Are you building the next big thing? Need to get your team aligned on the product vision? Vowel is here to help. At all phases of the product development cycle Vowel can help you create a product that your users will love.

Never forget what was discussed

  • Conduct user interviews
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Feature prioritization

With Vowel you will have more than just a place where you can talk. Instant transcripts provide a place for you to keep a running record of all of your updates. Don’t ever forget the feedback a user gives you. Don’t waste time re-reviewing things that have been decided in previous meetings.


  • Meetings are always recorded and transcribed
  • Action items have all the context you need
  • Catch up to meetings even if you’re late

In Vowel, meetings don’t happen in a vacuum, they can be reviewed by all members of the team and action items can be assigned even if any member of the team can’t attend the meeting. Our instant transcripts let you quickly catch up to the meeting without asking everybody to reset.

Stay Organized

  • All of your meetings notes can be seen in your Vowel dashboard
  • Schedule and edit your meetings all in Vowel
  • Sort your most important meetings using folders

Everything that you need to be as productive and organized as possible can be done within Vowel’s dashboard. You can schedule, edit and review meetings without ever leaving Vowel. Organize all your meetings in folders that make sense to you.

Resources for creating better meetings

Announcing our Series A — Meet better. Meet Vowel.

Sep 7, 2021We’ve raised $13.5M in new capital to continue on our mission to make every meeting more inclusive and worthwhile. The Series A was led by David Hornik of Lobby Capital, and with participation from an incredible group of seasoned founders and operators...

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The Importance of Inclusive Meetings

The Importance of Inclusive Meetings

May 19, 2021Organizations have recently started evaluating their company cultures and considering their level of inclusivity. Many leaders have made great strides in showing that all their employees are valued and heard. One of the best places for a company to...

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