Engineering Teams

Engineering teams
meet in Vowel

No matter what your engineering team is building, Vowel is the place for your teams to meet. Spend time in meetings and more time building the product that your end users will love and use.

Where all your agile ceremonies live

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Retrospectives

Vowel is the one meeting platform that you’ll ever need. With Vowel, you can focus on the meeting itself rather than taking notes and trying to remember what you needed to work on.

Never miss a meeting again

  • Meetings are always recorded and transcribed
  • Action items have all the context you need
  • Catch up to meetings even if you’re late

In Vowel, meetings don’t happen in a vacuum, they can be reviewed by all members of the team and action items can be assigned even if any member of the team can’t attend the meeting. Our instant transcripts let you quickly catch up to the meeting without asking everybody to reset.

Spend less time in meetings

  • Clear and concise meeting transcriptions
  • Powerful search function
  • Pre-meeting agendas

Your meetings are automatically transcribed. Engineering teams never need to go back and rehash a solution that they’ve already discussed. Problems that have previously solved in meetings can quickly be found in our powerful search function.

Resources for creating better meetings

7 lessons from a product design team of one

7 lessons from a product design team of one

Apr 8, 2021I joined Vowel in December of 2019 to lead product design. At the time, the team consisted of 4 founders and a handful of engineers, but no designers. Throughout my career, I’ve been on design teams of varying sizes, but never a team of one at a startup. It...

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Note-taking tips you can implement in a snap

Note-taking tips you can implement in a snap

Mar 19, 2021Taking notes is somewhat of an art form, but one that can boost your job performance in ways you might not expect. When you implement regular note-taking during your meetings, you’re really polishing a number of soft skills like organization, active...

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Start running more effective meetings today

Start running more effective meetings today

Mar 10, 2021Ever heard the tagline, ‘this could have been an email’? There’s a reason this phrase has been so heavily circulated on the internet over the last few years; too often, our meetings prove to be an ineffective waste of time. When we don’t prioritize...

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