We stopped supporting the Vowel service as of December 15, 2023. Stay tuned for what's next in 2024!
Shared notes

AI action items & shared notes

Clear next steps

Vowel generates AI action items and assigns them to team members during meetings, while an integrated notepad allows everyone to collaborate and share links.


Collaborate on agendas

Create and distribute the agenda before you meet. Ask attendees to contribute topics or add read-only updates to keep meetings short and sweet.

Shared notes

Smart notetaking

Time-stamped notes

The notepad allows anyone to contribute to documentation—and each note links to the moment it was written, so you can revisit the discussion if needed.

Vowel has to be the greatest productivity tool I've come across in ages. I'm able to dive into important topics without having to pause to capture notes. When the meeting is over, we can find those important points instantly.

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Lou Fox

PwC Principal - Cloud & Digital

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