We stopped supporting the Vowel service as of December 15, 2023. Stay tuned for what's next in 2024!

We guarantee we'll make your meetings more productive or your money back.

All plans include

One-click recording & transcription

Meetings are free to record, transcribe, and search at a later date.

Collaborative notes & agendas

Built-in agendas and notes for better meeting prep and follow-through.

Inclusivity features

Talk time percentages, emoji reactions, raise hand button, and more.

We ran the numbers and switching to Vowel saves our company $179.12 a year PER USER. This single change has saved us thousands in future costs.

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Arjay Ruggles

Founder, HomeRoom

See how we compare

There are plenty of choices when it comes to running your video meetings. Here’s how we stack up against the competition.

Other Video Conferencing

One-click live transcription and recording (for free)
AI-powered meeting summaries
AI-powered action items
Collaborative meeting notes
Universal search through past meeting contentsometimes
Bookmarks (save key meeting moments)sometimes
Emoji reactions (including custom emojis)sometimes
Instant access to cloud recordings
Talk-time percentages on speaker tiles
Clip creation and sharingsometimes
In-meeting agendas (with timers)
MeetingGPT (AI-powered Q&A)


It's time to meet better (for free!)