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1-1 meetings

Weekly check-in 1-1 meeting template

A focused agenda for weekly check-ins between managers and direct reports.

About this template

This “get things done” agenda keeps weekly check-ins between managers and direct reports on track. Employees should come prepared to talk through any projects they need help with (part of the meeting could be used as a working or coaching session), as well as feedback for their manager on areas they feel blocked or need clarity.

Managers should come prepared to weigh in on projects (review the work beforehand!) and help align the employee to their quarterly goals and priorities.

Weekly Check-in 1-1 Agenda

How are you feeling this week?

How are your key projects going (pick 1-3)? Anything I can help with or give feedback on? 

What are you hoping to accomplish this week? Is there anything you anticipate getting in your way? 




Let’s check in on your quarterly OKRs/learning and development plans/career direction. Note: You can rotate this last question to touch on one of these points once a month, to ensure your employee feels heard. Give more time and notice for career development discussions, as these generally require more prep.

Is there anything else you want to discuss? Any feedback for me? 

When to use this template

This template works best for weekly check-ins between managers and their direct reports, particularly in project-focused disciplines like marketing, design, engineering, and people ops. If you’re meeting with your direct reports less frequently, check out this Bi-monthly 1-1 meeting template, or expand on this template to fit your needs.

Schedule time for a monthly or bi-monthly career development chat as part of this one-on-one meeting cadence, and ensure your employee has adequate time to prepare for those future-focused discussions.

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