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Company meetings

Virtual Town Hall meeting template

An agenda to help you run a company-wide town hall meeting that informs and engages employees.

Template author

Nima Torabi [Source]

About this template

This template, created by product manager and management consultant Nima Torabi, is ideal for creating a town hall meeting that employees will actually want to attend. Rather than a one-way approach, this agenda template ensures that important updates and company priorities get shared, but also includes time for employee input and brainstorming around a pre-set topic.

Torabi encourages leaders to pick one main priority to focus on in the meeting — for example, new brand positioning — rather than trying to cover multiple topics.

Virtual Town Hall Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions (5 mins)

2. Thank you for the great year (or quarter) and recognition of achievements (5 mins)

3. Recap priorities for the coming year (or quarter) (5 mins)

4. Focus on [XX] priority: what are the customer trends, why XX is a differentiator, how improvements will be achieved, etc (10-15 mins)

5. Employee perspectives on [XX] priority: brainstorm session, Q&A, and discussions (20-25 mins)

6. Next steps: recap, notes, conclusions, and wrap-up (5-10 mins)

Source: Nima Torabi

When to use this template

Use this template for annual town hall meetings (quarterly or bi-annual if you prefer to have them more frequently). Fill out your agenda at least 48 hours before the meeting, so participants know what the focus of the meeting will be and can prepare ideas and questions.

Because of the importance of this meeting, ensure you’re fully versed in the meeting/broadcast technology you’re using and try to record the session so that employees who can’t attend will still be able to review it (Vowel can help with that!).

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