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Team meetings

Product team meeting template

A product team meeting agenda that skips status updates to get to the heart of what matters.

Template author

Andy Johns [Source]

About this template

If you hate status updates, this product meeting template by startup investor and growth expert Andy Johns is for you. Designed to cut through the “what I did yesterday/what I’m doing today” noise of daily standups, this agenda jumps right into action items (what’s currently being done?), with the space to add new items as they come up (what do we need to do?).

The majority of the meeting time goes to discussing and making decisions, collected beforehand from function leads in design, engineering, and marketing.

Product Team Meeting Agenda 

Preparation Go to each function lead on the product team (design, engineering, marketing, etc.) and ask them what decisions they need to make. Collect the open questions and pull them into the agenda. 

Action Items (~10 minutes) 1. (Team member) (Action item) by (date) 2. (Team member) (Action item) by (date) 3. (Team member) (Action item) by (date)

Decisions to Make (~50 minutes) 1. (Decision posed as question, as collected in “preparation”) 2. (Decision posed as question) 3. (Decision posed as question) 

Decision Log Note what decisions are made during the meeting and which ones require more time to figure out. 

Source: Andy Johns

When to use this template

This meeting agenda is perfect for product team meetings, where decisions and action items need to be moved forward (and isn’t that all product meetings?). The key to meeting success is taking time to do the pre-meeting work, which entails 1) collecting open questions and 2) documenting them in the agenda in the Decisions to Make section.

With that information shared, people attending the meeting can review the questions beforehand and come ready to discuss and make important decisions.

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  • Break down current metrics

  • Status report

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Source: Salesforce

Team meetings

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1. Updates or “Quick Fire Topics” - Leader and Relevant Stakeholders (10-15 minutes) If an update does not affect the majority of the team, it probably does not need to be delivered through this channel.

2. [New Project Intro] - Project Leaders (10-20 minutes) This could be a kickoff or update to a project that affects the whole team: implementing a new phone system, overhauling the Help Center content, introducing a new way to triage tickets, etc.

3. Questions and Action Item Assignment - Everyone (10 minutes)

Source: Craig Stoss

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