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Team meetings

OKR-setting meeting template, part 1 (objectives)

An agenda template to help you and your team set the “objectives” part of your OKRs.

Template author

Ben Mancini [Source]

About this template

Agile coach Ben Mancini created a useful two-part process for creating objectives and key results (OKRs) with your team, along with agendas for each meeting.

He recommends taking one hourlong session to set objectives, followed by another session to set key results. This ensures you and your team have time to “process” the objectives and not burn out (this can be an intense process!). Mancini’s approach is thorough but not overwhelming, and it helps give everyone clarity on what’s expected.

OKR-setting meeting agenda - part 1 (objectives) 

1. Icebreaker (5 minutes)

2. Recap of last OKRs (5 minutes) Review the team’s last OKRs, use a round-table discussion and spend 5 minutes with the group discussing what worked well, what could have gone better etc. Note down these observations on a flip-chart or whiteboard.

3. What makes a good objective? (10 minutes) Ask the group to list the things that make a good objective. List these on the flip-chart/whiteboard; these will become your checklist for the session.

4. Set and agree on objectives (40 minutes) Have the group break out individually and in small groups to brainstorm and share objectives, then come back together, share them, and ask attendees to prioritize the list. Check against the list from step 3. See the Medium post below for more details. 

Source: Ben Mancini

When to use this template

Setting team or company OKRs for the quarter or the year? This meeting template will set you on the right track. Send the agenda out at least a few days ahead of time so the selected group knows what to expect. Explain that you’ll set objectives first and then have another meeting to set key results.

While you’re hosting this meeting, make sure you have a collaborative doc, notepad, or whiteboard open to record ideas and narrow down your list of potential OKRs (Vowel's shared notes can help with this!).

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