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1-1 meetings

Manager transition meeting template

Manager transitions happen — use this template to make sure employees are part of the handoff conversation.

Template author

Gitlab [Source]

About this template

Manager transitions happen — people get promoted, retire, or move onto other roles. When possible, it’s a good idea to involve employees in the handoff from one manager to another. This agenda gives a basic framework for how to discuss the employee’s performance, goals, and growth areas.

The template authors recommend introducing the meeting with a disclaimer: “We understand that this meeting format may feel a bit awkward, as we will openly discuss your work performance. This is all in the service of the goal to fully support you.”

Manager Transition 1-1-1 Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions and reason why the manager transition is happening.

  • Review most recent performance evaluations, OKRs, and goals.

  • Share any additional feedback since recent reviews.

  • Are there any follow-on 1-1-1 transition meetings needed?   

When to use this template

If you know you’ll be transitioning to a new role or company and your replacement has been named, plan a meeting with the employee and the new manager as soon as you can (you may need more than one meeting, so time is a gift!).

Send this agenda ahead of time and prepare detailed notes from the employee’s most recent performance review. Give the employee a few days' notice for the meeting — it’s important they feel comfortable discussing their performance, goals, and areas for improvement.

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