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Team meetings

Leadership team meeting template

A “standing agenda” for high-performing leadership teams who want to face challenges head-on.

Template author

Shawn Kent Hayashi [Source]

About this template

If your leadership team meetings need some life injected in them, take a look at this agenda (and watch Shawn Kent Hayashi’s excellent video). Hayashi says this agenda helps “create a culture of preparation, accountability, participation, and collaboration.”

While the first few times using this format may take some figuring out — what are each team member’s accountabilities? what dashboards should be be looking at? — the more it gets used and the more norms are established, the better your leadership meetings should become.

Leadership Team Meeting Agenda

1. Begin by sharing something good. (What’s something you’re proud of/happy about/want to share? Personal or professional) 

2. Check in on accountabilities. (How have things progressed since we last met? Show related dashboards and scorecards.)

3. Discuss what’s on the horizon(In the next 90 days, what do we need to be aware of?)

4. Share the “headlines.”(What’s happening with our customers and employees that we need to be aware of?)

5. Revisit and add to the “issues list” (What are opportunities for problem-solving? What could we make better?) 

6. Share learning and development. (optional) (What’s something you’ve learned recently? What skill are you developing and how are you applying it?) 

7. Define action items on to-do lists.(What are the action items people are agreeing to do?) 

 8. Rank the success of the meeting. (On a 10-point scale, how did we as a team do on this meeting today? What could I/we do better next time?)

Source: Shawn Kent Hayashi

When to use this template

Try out this template for recurring leadership meetings, whether they take place on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Make sure that every team member is prepared to speak to their areas of accountability and also discuss what’s on the horizon (in the next 90 days).

At the end of the meeting, define the agreed-upon action items and ensure everyone knows what they’re responsible for doing and when. You can also start what Hayashi calls a “shared issues” list (an ongoing list of opportunities for problem-solving) and remind team members to contribute to it before each meeting.

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  • Status report

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3. Amplify key wins (5 minutes)

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Source: Salesforce

Team meetings

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Customer Support Team Meeting Agenda 

1. Updates or “Quick Fire Topics” - Leader and Relevant Stakeholders (10-15 minutes) If an update does not affect the majority of the team, it probably does not need to be delivered through this channel.

2. [New Project Intro] - Project Leaders (10-20 minutes) This could be a kickoff or update to a project that affects the whole team: implementing a new phone system, overhauling the Help Center content, introducing a new way to triage tickets, etc.

3. Questions and Action Item Assignment - Everyone (10 minutes)

Source: Craig Stoss

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