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Design meetings

Design team meeting template

A collaborative design team meeting agenda to keep everyone engaged and learning.

Template author

Alecsandru Grigoriu [Source]

About this template

As a lead UX designer, Alecsandru Grigoriu had a mission: to create an engaging design team meeting with a customizable agenda. This template provides the foundation for teammates to get a quick status update, share great resources and tips, and collaborate on a big problem or idea with each other.

By having different individuals “own” the meeting each week, team members will stay engaged and the workload won’t fall to one main person (though the team lead can coordinate who owns each meeting and help move the agenda along).

Design Team Meeting Agenda 

1. Projects status (10 minutes) Go through the current tasks and the top priorities for the company’s objectives and key results (OKRs).

2. Top news/resources/tips (15 minutes) Have team members share links to articles and have them summarize key findings.

3. Main topic: Let’s talk about… (25 minutes) Pick a main topic for discussion, and assign pre-meeting homework if needed. 

4. Conclusion (5-10 minutes) Wrap things up by writing clear next steps and deciding the main topic for the next meeting. 

Source: Alecsandru Grigoriu

When to use this template

Use this template for weekly or bi-weekly design team meetings — it’s ideal for encouraging participation and mixing things up. By giving this agenda to a different team member each week to “own,” you’ll get to cover a variety of topics that the team is interested in and improve communication.

After hosting 5+ of these meetings, you can discuss with the team how things are going and what to change. This template can also be adapted to any type of team meeting — Grigoriu mentioned in his post that the content team and dev team also adapted this agenda!

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