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Design meetings

Design review meeting template

An easy-to-follow agenda for effective design reviews that end with clear next steps.

Template author

Jessi Bradshaw [Source]

About this template

Jessi Bradshaw, the UX designer behind this agenda template, writes that the “key to design feedback meetings is being clear what needs to be decided, and who should be there.” This depends on what stage of the design process you’re at and who you need approval from (for example, a Product Manager or a developer).

Once you’ve established who’s coming to the review and what designs are being shown, the structure of the meeting is simple: go over designs, collect feedback, and review next steps.

Design Review Meeting Agenda

Pre-Meeting: Send email or update the calendar invite with an outline of the meeting and links to the designs. 


1. Go over designs for [XX]

2. Need feedback: Are we meeting the requirements of the project? AND Which option (A, B, or C) is better, based on usability and feasibility?

3. Next steps (5-10 minutes) 

  • Action item 1

  • Action item 2

When to use this template

Use this agenda template to structure design review meetings and pull in different stakeholders depending on the stage of the project. As Bradshaw points out, doing the pre-meeting work of sending an agenda and giving people access to the designs is extra important (and will be much more productive than having people go into the meeting cold).

Be sure to leave 5-10 minutes at the end of the meeting to review next steps and determine who’s responsible for doing what (and by what date).

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