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External meetings

Client check-in meeting template

An agenda template for agencies or consultants who have regular check-in meetings with their clients.

About this template

If you’re an agency or consultant, you probably have regular syncs with your clients to update them on progress, performance, and next steps. These meetings are also an opportunity to build a strong relationship and line of communication so that clients always feel valued and in-the- know about how you’re helping them meet their goals.

This template gives you a guideline of what to discuss in client calls, getting housekeeping items out of the way first and moving on to key metrics and deadlines.

Client Check-In Meeting Agenda 

Updates from client
Updates from agency/consultant
Performance and metrics review
  • [campaign or deliverable 1]

  • [campaign or deliverable 2]

Budget review
Action items + deadlines

When to use this template

Use this meeting template if you’re an agency, consultant, or freelancer working with clients on time-specific or ongoing projects. Tweak it to the specific type of project you’re working on: for example, paid search campaigns, financial management, external recruiting, or a website redesign.

Send the filled-out agenda to your client a day or two ahead of time so they’re clear on what will be covered in the meeting; you can also ask via email if you can answer any pre-meeting questions they might have.

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Customer Check-In Meeting Agenda 

Welcome + Goal
Project Status 
  • Updates - Summarize 1-5 updates here with 1-3 bullet points each

  • Timeline - Include high-level deadlines/milestones (if applicable) 

Training or Product Updates 
  • Add any notes about training or product updates

Action Items 
  • Include the name of the person responsible, the task, and the due date. 

Summarize & Commit
  • Call back to the goal of the meeting to show how together you have achieved the goal.

Source: Hubspot

External meetings

Customer check-in meeting template

A customer check-in meeting agenda for account managers to keep projects and milestones on track.

Freelancer Onboarding/Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions Introduce relevant team members to the freelancer so they understand their role in the company. Ask the freelancer to give a quick intro to build trust.

2. Goals Review the goals of hiring the freelancer and what KPIs they’ll be meeting or helping your team meet. 

  • Goal 1 

  • Goal 2 

  • Goal 3 

3. Tools overview Help the freelancer get set up on the tools they need, providing logins or email invites before the meeting if possible.

  • Tool 1

  • Tool 2 

  • Tool 3

4. Processes overview Walk the freelancer through the processes that they’ll be a part of to give them context on their role and their deliverables.

5. Communication Cover the best ways for the freelancer to communicate with you and the team if they have questions or need information — e.g. Slack, email, weekly calls? — and share key contacts. 

  • Project updates:

  • Questions:

  • Deliverables:

6. Questions + next steps


External meetings

Freelancer onboarding/kick-off meeting template

Use this template to onboard new freelancers, give them clarity, and help them deliver great work.