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Leadership Team Meeting Agenda

1. Begin by sharing something good. (What’s something you’re proud of/happy about/want to share? Personal or professional) 

2. Check in on accountabilities. (How have things progressed since we last met? Show related dashboards and scorecards.)

3. Discuss what’s on the horizon(In the next 90 days, what do we need to be aware of?)

4. Share the “headlines.”(What’s happening with our customers and employees that we need to be aware of?)

5. Revisit and add to the “issues list” (What are opportunities for problem-solving? What could we make better?) 

6. Share learning and development. (optional) (What’s something you’ve learned recently? What skill are you developing and how are you applying it?) 

7. Define action items on to-do lists.(What are the action items people are agreeing to do?) 

 8. Rank the success of the meeting. (On a 10-point scale, how did we as a team do on this meeting today? What could I/we do better next time?)

Source: Shawn Kent Hayashi

Team meetings


Leadership team meeting template

A “standing agenda” for high-performing leadership teams who want to face challenges head-on.

OKR-setting meeting agenda - part 1 (objectives) 

1. Icebreaker (5 minutes)

2. Recap of last OKRs (5 minutes) Review the team’s last OKRs, use a round-table discussion and spend 5 minutes with the group discussing what worked well, what could have gone better etc. Note down these observations on a flip-chart or whiteboard.

3. What makes a good objective? (10 minutes) Ask the group to list the things that make a good objective. List these on the flip-chart/whiteboard; these will become your checklist for the session.

4. Set and agree on objectives (40 minutes) Have the group break out individually and in small groups to brainstorm and share objectives, then come back together, share them, and ask attendees to prioritize the list. Check against the list from step 3. See the Medium post below for more details. 

Source: Ben Mancini

Team meetings

OKR-setting meeting template, part 1 (objectives)

An agenda template to help you and your team set the “objectives” part of your OKRs.

Creative Brainstorm Meeting Agenda

Several Days Before the Meeting: 
  • Make sure the team knows the specific problem that you’re attacking during the session

  • Define the actual problem the team is solving, not just the project 

  • Assign homework: each person should come up with three ideas to solving that problem 

Meeting Agenda 

Problem and Objective: Re-state the problem and objective.

Time Limit for Brainstorm: Set a time frame for the idea session.

1. Idea Sharing Ask people to choose an idea they think has promise, that they came up with on their own, and share it with the group.

2.  Group Discussion After everyone has shared ideas, open up the group discussion. 

  • Which idea resonates the most with you? 

  • Did anything you heard spark an insight or additional idea? 

  • How did the ideas that were shared change your perception of the problem? 

  • Does anyone have an additional idea — from the homework — that you think everyone should hear? 

3. Leading Idea(s) and Next Steps Choose the leading idea(s) and determine next steps. 

Source: Todd Henry

Team meetings

Creative brainstorm meeting template

A creative brainstorm meeting template to help you and your team generate great ideas.

Project Check-In Meeting Agenda

[Project Meeting Name]

Date & Time: 



A full list of people attending the meeting

  • Person 1

  • Person 2

  • Person 3


A concise and straightforward statement that describes the overall goals of this meeting. This includes mentioning the meeting’s topic, the decisions that are likely to be made and how would the outcome of the meeting impact the rest of the project. 


  • [Time interval 1]: [Covered topic 1], [Person responsible, where applicable]

  • [Time interval 2]: [Covered topic 2], [Person responsible, where applicable]

  • [Time interval 3]: [Covered topic 3], [Person responsible, where applicable]

  • [Time interval 4]: [Covered topic 4], [Person responsible, where applicable]

Additional notes:

Any other additional information that attendees need to know


Any documents that are needed during the meeting

Team meetings

Project check-in meeting template

A concise round-the-table project check-in for productive teams.

Product Team Meeting Agenda 

Preparation Go to each function lead on the product team (design, engineering, marketing, etc.) and ask them what decisions they need to make. Collect the open questions and pull them into the agenda. 

Action Items (~10 minutes) 1. (Team member) (Action item) by (date) 2. (Team member) (Action item) by (date) 3. (Team member) (Action item) by (date)

Decisions to Make (~50 minutes) 1. (Decision posed as question, as collected in “preparation”) 2. (Decision posed as question) 3. (Decision posed as question) 

Decision Log Note what decisions are made during the meeting and which ones require more time to figure out. 

Source: Andy Johns

Team meetings

Product team meeting template

A product team meeting agenda that skips status updates to get to the heart of what matters.

OKR-Setting Meeting Agenda - Part 2 (Key Results) 

1. Recap of objectives agreed in previous session (10 minutes) Give the group time to discuss via a round-table the objective(s) they agreed in the last session. Has anything changed?  

2. Setting the key results (50 minutes) First ask the group to form their checklist for what makes a good key result (e.g. quantifiable, measurable by a specific metric, can be an activity, etc.). Then ask the group to list every possible way to measure the objective(s) they agreed to in the last session. For more context and direction, see the original source of this agenda below. 

  • Objective 1: What are the key results? 

  • Objective 2: What are the key results?

Team meetings

OKR-setting meeting template, part 2 (key results)

An agenda template to help you and your team set the “key results” part of OKRs.

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda 

5 minutes: Share good news

10 minutes: The priorities Review the status of pre-set priorities and discuss any gaps in progress. Review any metrics that were not reported in the daily huddles.

10 minutes: Customer and employee feedback Time to review specific feedback from customers and employees. 

  • What issues are cropping up day after day? 

  • What are people hearing?

30 to 60 minutes: One or two topics Focus on only one or two key topics. Pick your topic based on patterns and trends from the daily huddles, progress on your priorities/theme, feedback from employees and customers, and/or the opportunities and challenges that have surfaced. 

  • Topic 1 

  • Topic 2

Recap: Who, What, When (WWW) Just before the meeting ends, take a few minutes to summarize, “Who said they are going to do what and when?” and email the notes to everyone. 

  • Action Item 1

  • Action Item 2 

One-phrase close Close your meeting by asking each person for one word or phrase of reaction that sums up the meeting for them.

Team meetings

Weekly team meeting template

A weekly team meeting template that focuses on feedback and priorities.

Growth Team Meeting Agenda 

15 Minutes: Metrics Review & Update Focus Area

  • Review data around the OMTM (One metric that matters) 

  • Reflect upon the positive factors vs negative factors

  • What to focus on now (short term and long term)

10 Minutes: Review Last Week’s Tests

  • Review number of tests and what we learned

15 Minutes: Key Lessons Learned for Experiments

  • Positive vs. Negative (embrace the failures)

15 Minutes: What to Focus on in this Cycle

  • Take growth idea nominations from the group based on ease of implementation and impact.

5 Minutes: Growth Check of Idea Pipeline

Source: Jim Huffman

Team meetings

Growth team meeting template

A growth team meeting agenda that focuses on learning and experimentation.

Marketing Team Meeting Agenda

Brief Updates (10 minutes)

  • Any major issues? 

  • Any victories to celebrate? 

  • Report on the big picture? (Review dashboards) 

Review Current Activities (30 minutes) 

  • What are the outcomes of the actions we are taking? Is it worth the time/cost? 

  • Should we adjust our approach? Need more time? Continue or discontinue that activity? 

  • Did everyone complete their action items from the last meeting? (accountability)

  • Does anyone need help? Can anyone support anyone else’s efforts? 

  • Are we confident as a team that we’re going in the right direction? 

Consider New Initiatives (15 minutes) 

  • Anyone have any new ideas? 

  • Is there evidence that this effort will be worth the time/cost? 

  • Schedule more time to weigh pros/cons and then decide/delegate? 

Action Items (5 minutes) 

  • Who is going to do what before the next meeting?

Source: Andy Crestodina

Team meetings

Marketing team meeting template

A marketing team meeting agenda with suggested topics and timing for maximum productivity.

Content Marketing Team Meeting Agenda

1. Metrics review + discussion Show traffic, conversions, mentions, etc. (view dashboard, e.g. Google Analytics) 

  • What’s performing well? What’s under-performing? Any significant keyword movement, social mentions, or backlinks?

2. Content calendar review + discussion Show content calendar 

  • Are there any blockers? Do we need to brainstorm to fill any gaps? Do we need to check in with customer success, product marketing, or product team to get product updates or customer information? Does anyone need any help?

3. Inspiration review + discussion  Look at a great piece of content, either from one of your competitors or a company outside of your industry (assign this to someone before the meeting)

  • What makes it great? What might you want to consider for your upcoming projects? 

4. Additional items

  • Anything else to discuss?

5. Action items 

  • Assign action items and due dates 


Team meetings

Content marketing team meeting template

A 5-item meeting agenda to help content teams stay on track (and inspired!) to meet their goals.

Customer Support Team Meeting Agenda 

1. Updates or “Quick Fire Topics” - Leader and Relevant Stakeholders (10-15 minutes) If an update does not affect the majority of the team, it probably does not need to be delivered through this channel.

2. [New Project Intro] - Project Leaders (10-20 minutes) This could be a kickoff or update to a project that affects the whole team: implementing a new phone system, overhauling the Help Center content, introducing a new way to triage tickets, etc.

3. Questions and Action Item Assignment - Everyone (10 minutes)

Source: Craig Stoss

Team meetings

Customer support team meeting template

A simple 3-part agenda to run better customer support team meetings.

Sales Team Meeting Agenda

1. Brief the team (5 minutes)

  • Company updates that affect sales

  • Follow up on the questions from previous meetings

2. Team discusses their updates and obstacles (10 minutes)

  • Discuss major leads

  • Break down current metrics

  • Status report

  • Listen for potential hurdles

3. Amplify key wins (5 minutes)

  • Praise salespeople who appreciate public recognition for specific events

  • Allow others to share appreciation

4. Invite ideas, questions and collaboration (5 minutes)

  • Exchange thoughts and ideas

  • Motivate and encourage your team

5. Decide on next steps (5 minutes)

  • Appoint individuals to follow up on important items from meeting

  • Set expectations for the next meeting

6. Close the meeting

  • Summarize the meeting & thank everyone for their time

Source: Salesforce

Team meetings

Sales team meeting template

A 6-step agenda to help you run more productive and motivating sales team meetings.