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Client Check-In Meeting Agenda 

Updates from client
Updates from agency/consultant
Performance and metrics review
  • [campaign or deliverable 1]

  • [campaign or deliverable 2]

Budget review
Action items + deadlines

External meetings


Client check-in meeting template

An agenda template for agencies or consultants who have regular check-in meetings with their clients.

Coaching Session 1-1 Agenda

1. Establish Coaching Agreement

  • What is the issue/goal you’d like to focus on today? 

  • What is important about this for you?

2. Set the Goal or Outcome for the Session

  • How will you know you achieved what you want to accomplish today? 

  • What will that look like or feel like? (subjective or objective) 

  • Where are you now regarding what you wanted to achieve today?

3. Coach the Client (Exploration)

  • What is the BEST solution for you in this situation?

  • What changes or differences might you or others notice?

4. Identify and Commit to Action

  • What might get in the way of accomplishing this? 

  • How will you support your commitment to this action?

5. Record Key Outcomes 

  • What are your take-aways from this session? 

  • What new awareness or learning happened today? 

  • How will this support you going forward?

6. Set Accountability 

  • How will you hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) you set today? 

  • How can I partner with you to enhance your accountability? 

Source: International Coaching Academy

External meetings

Coaching session meeting template

Help someone define their goals and work through blockers with this focused list of coaching questions.

Freelancer Onboarding/Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions Introduce relevant team members to the freelancer so they understand their role in the company. Ask the freelancer to give a quick intro to build trust.

2. Goals Review the goals of hiring the freelancer and what KPIs they’ll be meeting or helping your team meet. 

  • Goal 1 

  • Goal 2 

  • Goal 3 

3. Tools overview Help the freelancer get set up on the tools they need, providing logins or email invites before the meeting if possible.

  • Tool 1

  • Tool 2 

  • Tool 3

4. Processes overview Walk the freelancer through the processes that they’ll be a part of to give them context on their role and their deliverables.

5. Communication Cover the best ways for the freelancer to communicate with you and the team if they have questions or need information — e.g. Slack, email, weekly calls? — and share key contacts. 

  • Project updates:

  • Questions:

  • Deliverables:

6. Questions + next steps


External meetings

Freelancer onboarding/kick-off meeting template

Use this template to onboard new freelancers, give them clarity, and help them deliver great work.

Board Meeting Agenda

1. Call To Order

  • Opening remarks and introductions 

2. Changes To The Agenda

  • Are there any additions or deletions to the agenda?

3. Approval Of Minutes

Members can modify some items from the previous meeting.

  • Should any correction be made to the meeting minutes?

  • Do the board members agree the meeting recordings reflect the board’s business?

4. Reports

Key personnel including the executive director, finance head, and committee heads should give board members an overview of operations under their responsibility.

5. Old Business

  • Are there past unresolved business items?

  • What are the next steps with those items?

6. New Business

  • Are there new business items up for discussion?

  • What’s the plan to take action?

7. Announcements

This is time to present announcements including items that might be added to the next agenda, upcoming projects, or congratulation messages to team members.

8. Adjournment

This is a formal closing of the meeting.

  • What time did the meeting end?

  • What’s the date and time for the next meeting?

Source: Board Effect

External meetings

Board meeting template

An agenda template to help you take charge of your board meetings.

Customer Check-In Meeting Agenda 

Welcome + Goal
Project Status 
  • Updates - Summarize 1-5 updates here with 1-3 bullet points each

  • Timeline - Include high-level deadlines/milestones (if applicable) 

Training or Product Updates 
  • Add any notes about training or product updates

Action Items 
  • Include the name of the person responsible, the task, and the due date. 

Summarize & Commit
  • Call back to the goal of the meeting to show how together you have achieved the goal.

Source: Hubspot

External meetings

Customer check-in meeting template

A customer check-in meeting agenda for account managers to keep projects and milestones on track.

Market Research Call Agenda (30 minutes)

Background information (5 minutes) 
  • Describe how your team is structured.

  • Tell me about your personal job responsibilities. 

  • What are the team’s goals and how do you measure them? 

  • What has been your biggest challenge in the last year? 

Awareness (5 minutes)
  • Think back to when you first realized you needed a [name the product/service category, but not yours specifically]. What challenges were you facing at the time? 

  • How did you know that something in this category could help you? 

  • How familiar were you with different options on the market? 

Consideration (5 minutes) 
  • What was the first thing you did to research potential solutions? How helpful was this source? 

  • Where did you go to find more information? (more questions if needed)

  • How did you find that source? 

  • How did you use vendor websites? 

  • What words specifically did you search on Google? 

  • How helpful was it? How could it be better? 

  • What provided the most (and least) helpful information? What did that look like? 

Decision (10 minutes)
  • Which of the sources you described above was the most influential in driving your decision? 

  • What, if any, criteria did you establish to compare the alternatives? 

  • What vendors made it to the short list and what were the pros/cons of each? 

  • Who else was involved in the final decision? What role did each of these people play? 

  • What factors ultimately influenced your final purchasing decision? 

  • What would your ideal buying process look like? How would it differ from what they experienced? 

  • Allow time for further questions on their end. 

  • Don’t forget to thank them for their time and confirm their address to send a thank-you note or incentive. 

Source: Hubspot

External meetings

Market research call template

A set of questions for conducting market research calls with customers or prospective buyers.