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1-1 meetings

Career development 1-1 meeting agenda

A 5-question agenda template that sets the stage for productive career development discussions.

Template author

Susan M. Heathfield [Source]

About this template

Career development is a huge part of why people choose to stay at or leave a company. And as a manager, you’re a key part of facilitating that career planning and advancement for your direct reports.

Susan M. Heathfield is a management and organization consultant who writes about career development for The Balance. She compiled the list questions that makes up this agenda template; it’s a great jumping-off point for actionable one-on-one meetings that nurture your direct report’s learning and growth.

Career Development 1-1 Meeting Agenda

What would you like to accomplish this year?  

Are there any projects you’d like to implement, expand, or join? 

Do you think any of your current duties could benefit from additional resources or training?

What professional job or career growth goals do you hope to achieve within three years? 

What additional support can this organization provide so that you can accomplish these goals?

When to use this template

Use this template to have annual or semi-annual career development conversations with your direct report. Send the list of questions well before the meeting happens so they have time to think through answers.

And make sure they know what to expect during the meeting — Heathfield writes, “As your employee is preparing their responses, you should be preparing recommendations on what they can do to ensure that they are making progress on their career path.” As always, feel free to add your own questions to personalize the agenda to your needs.

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