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External meetings

Board meeting template

An agenda template to help you take charge of your board meetings.

Template author

BoardEffect [Source]

About this template

Creating a board meeting agenda shouldn’t be hard. You want to keep your meetings on track, without leaving anything to chance. This template by BoardEffect helps you achieve that. It’s comprehensive enough that it covers key objectives and formalities of a board meeting, and customizable enough that it can be tweaked to suit your needs.

Board Meeting Agenda

1. Call To Order

  • Opening remarks and introductions 

2. Changes To The Agenda

  • Are there any additions or deletions to the agenda?

3. Approval Of Minutes

Members can modify some items from the previous meeting.

  • Should any correction be made to the meeting minutes?

  • Do the board members agree the meeting recordings reflect the board’s business?

4. Reports

Key personnel including the executive director, finance head, and committee heads should give board members an overview of operations under their responsibility.

5. Old Business

  • Are there past unresolved business items?

  • What are the next steps with those items?

6. New Business

  • Are there new business items up for discussion?

  • What’s the plan to take action?

7. Announcements

This is time to present announcements including items that might be added to the next agenda, upcoming projects, or congratulation messages to team members.

8. Adjournment

This is a formal closing of the meeting.

  • What time did the meeting end?

  • What’s the date and time for the next meeting?

Source: Board Effect

When to use this template

This template comes in handy if your board meetings take too much time and have little structure to them. You can pre-plan by reviewing past meetings and asking board members for issues to be included in the upcoming meeting, and add times to each section to keep things on track.

Once you finalize the agenda, send it to your board members with enough time to review, ask questions and make changes (this is easy to do in Vowel!).

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Source: Hubspot

External meetings

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Freelancer Onboarding/Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions Introduce relevant team members to the freelancer so they understand their role in the company. Ask the freelancer to give a quick intro to build trust.

2. Goals Review the goals of hiring the freelancer and what KPIs they’ll be meeting or helping your team meet. 

  • Goal 1 

  • Goal 2 

  • Goal 3 

3. Tools overview Help the freelancer get set up on the tools they need, providing logins or email invites before the meeting if possible.

  • Tool 1

  • Tool 2 

  • Tool 3

4. Processes overview Walk the freelancer through the processes that they’ll be a part of to give them context on their role and their deliverables.

5. Communication Cover the best ways for the freelancer to communicate with you and the team if they have questions or need information — e.g. Slack, email, weekly calls? — and share key contacts. 

  • Project updates:

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6. Questions + next steps


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