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1-1 meetings

Structured bi-monthly 1-1 meeting template

A structured, repeatable agenda for results-focused one-on-ones — it's great for startups!

Template author

Margaret Roth Falzon [Source]

About this template

Most one-on-one meetings are (and should be) recurring events, so it makes sense to keep them simple, predictable, and question-based. This template, by Squadra Ventures COO Margaret Roth Falzon, is awesome because it focuses on the 3 Ps — Progress, Plans, and Problems — and gives prompts to fill each section out.

It’s easy for an employee to complete before a one-on-one sync, especially because “Plans” from the previous meeting agenda should (ideally) turn into “Progress” for the current agenda.

Structured Bi-Monthly 1-1 Meeting Agenda

Progress - What were your biggest accomplishments since we last spoke? Why were they a success?


Plans - What are your biggest goals between now and when we next meet?

Problems - What are the problems that you are facing?

Source: Margaret Roth Falzon

When to use this template

Clarity is essential to productivity. And as Roth Falzon writes, this template is for employees who “will be better set up for success if they have a consistent structure and way to prepare.”

Ask the employee to fill out the agenda at least a day before you meet, even if it’s just a few bullet points or sentences. That way, you’ll have time to review and can be ready to jump into the discussion when the meeting begins. This template works for bi-monthly or monthly one-on-one meetings, but could also work (or be adapted) for weekly syncs.

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