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Company meetings

All Hands meeting template

Use this easy-to-follow agenda to give your team all the essential updates — it’s what we use at Vowel!

About this template

This is the agenda template used for bi-weekly all-hands meetings here at Vowel. The slide deck stays consistent with the agenda, covering key metrics, product updates, special topics (optional), talent and people updates, and shoutouts.

The meeting ends with “ask me anything” time — the management team sends out a form ahead of the meeting on Slack to ensure people have a chance to ask anonymous questions. Vowel’s all-hands meetings are 45 minutes — just enough time to get all the updates in without taking up too much time in the day.

All Hands Meeting Agenda

  • Intro

  • Key metrics Show your North Star metrics or the OMTM (one metric that matters) and how the numbers are tracking toward your quarterly and annual goals.

  • Product updates Focus on new features, upcoming launches, and roadmap updates.

  • Special topic (optional) If needed, take this time to present things like new company policies, values, launches, or strategies.  

  • Talent & people updates Update the team on new hires, promotions, and open roles.

  • Shoutouts  We recommend creating a Slack “shoutouts” channel and pulling from there. Encourage the person who made the shoutout to publicly announce it.

  • AMA Send out a Google form before the meeting so people can anonymously populate questions. You can also answer questions live during the meeting. 

When to use this template

Use this template for your weekly or bi-weekly All-Hands meetings, adjusting the agenda and timing as needed. For example, sometimes we have a “special topic” section, which we recently used to review Vowel’s new company values.

To prepare for the meeting, send out an AMA question form the day before the meeting and check your “shoutouts” Slack channel so you can populate that part of the agenda. Make sure everyone who’s presenting at the meeting has time to fill out their slides beforehand — we create a “temp-all-hands-date” Slack channel for every meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Run better meetings with Vowel

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