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1-1 meetings

Empowering 1-1 meeting template (45 minutes)

Use this 45-minute meeting template to provide constructive feedback and address issues.

Template author

Kristi Hedges [Source]

About this template

Kristi Hedges, author of The Power of Presence and The Inspiration Code, writes that one-on-one meetings “shouldn’t be just a one-way delegation of tasks.” Instead, she recommends this template for a 45-minute weekly meeting, which lets the direct report share their needs and feedback first (important!), followed by you, the manager.

She leaves a generous 15 minutes for open discussion and accountability planning to “provide constructive feedback and address issues before they become big problems.”

Empowering 1-1 Meeting Agenda (45 minutes)

  • Direct report: 15 minutes What your direct report needs to raise with you, get approved, get clarification on, etc.

  • Manager: 15 minutes What you need to raise with your direct report, delegate, provide feedback on, etc.

  • Free time: 10 minutes Free time to air any long-term concerns, progress toward development goals, etc.

  • Next steps: 5 minutes State accountabilities and make a plan for follow-up

Source: Kristi Hedges

When to use this template

Use this template for your weekly one-on-ones with both junior and mid-level direct reports. Ideally, you’ll each want to fill out a few bullet points in the first two sections of the agenda so you know what you’ll be covering during the first half hour.

For the “free time” section of the meeting, aim to foster an environment of trust and safety to get the most honest feedback from your direct reports about their needs and potential concerns. As Hedges writes, part of achieving this is to “practice being present and free from distraction.”

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