We stopped supporting the Vowel service as of December 15, 2023. Stay tuned for what's next in 2024!
AI-powered meeting summary

Get the best out of every call with AI

Say goodbye to admin work and follow-ups. With Vowel, everyone gets an instant AI-powered summary alongside real-time AI action items, the transcript, and recording. Skip optional meetings and catch up later with MeetingGPT, or revisit any conversation and get the TL;DR in seconds.

Keyword search in Vowel

Search for anything that was said

Find exactly what you need from your meeting transcripts with a powerful built-in search function. View the video and transcript side-by-side (with speaker identification, of course!) for easy reference.

Take smarter notes

Collaborate on notes and action items

The shared notepad allows anyone in the meeting to contribute to the notes, share links, and receive AI-powered action items. All notes are time-stamped to the transcript and video, so they're easy to revisit in detail.

“Even the most loyal Zoom user would swoon over the features Vowel offers natively in platform.” - Forbes

How Vowel works


Create and join video calls from your calendar in one click, all secure and in-browser.


Vowel has one-click transcription and recording — no need for an add-on tool.

Remember everything

An AI-powered summary is ready to view as soon as the meeting ends. No downloads, no wait time.

Thousands of teams use Vowel to have better meetings

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