New: Vowel AI: AI-powered Q&A, catch me up, AI summaries, AI action items, & Zapier!
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Recording button in Vowel

How it works

Record your meeting

Host your meeting on Vowel and turn on recording to enable live transcription, AI-summaries, and AI-powered action items.


Catch Me Up

Running late to a meeting? Quickly catch up with an AI-powered summary recap. You don’t have to review the transcript or interrupt the team.

AI-action items GIF


Receive AI-powered action Items

Share any next steps with your team. While you’re still meeting, Vowel generates and assigns suggested action items based on your discussion.

AI Meeting Summaries 2.0 - zoomed in

How it works

Share the summary

You'll see the AI-powered summary in the Home tab of your recorded meeting. Review, edit, and share with others. Use the Zapier integration to send the summary, action items, and notes to apps like Notion or Asana.

How it works

Remember everything

Use AI-powered Q&A to get instant answers to any meeting questions. Vowel AI records, transcribes, and analyzes every meeting, so it has the answer to everything you need.