Your meetings will never be the same.

Use Vowel for remote meetings, in-person conversations and anything in between. Join meetings with a single click, and leave with all your ideas, questions, and decisions—verbatim.

Crystal clear audio.

No more horrible feedback or racing to mute the mic. With state of the art audio technology like echo-cancellation and beamforming, everyone can leave their microphone on and sound great—even when they’re in the same room.

Automatic transcription and recording.

Recall great ideas and relive important moments from all your meetings. Go on or off the record with one click. It’s up to you.

Meeting notes. Transformed.


Collaborate with other meeting participants on rich text notes. See those notes within the written transcription, or listen to the recording from the moment the note was created.


Use Vowel’s hotkeys to mark an #idea or #decision, or create your own custom hotkeys to tag a moment with a keystroke.


Create tasks in real time so everyone leaves the meeting on the same page.

Easy sharing.
Without oversharing.

Share just the right amount

And not a word more. Use clip sharing to pass along parts that matter, and leave out the rest.

Share in Vowel or with expiring links

Pass key meeting moments to anyone—whether they use Vowel or not.

Want to get early access and product updates?

One-click meetings. Synced with your calendar.

Vowel connects with your calendar so you can see upcoming meetings and jump right in with one click.

Organize your meetings.

Create channels to organize your team’s meetings. Share a meeting to one or more channels so the right people stay in the loop. Or scroll back through your #Planning or #Engineering or #FeatureLaunch channel to find the important moments.

Guests welcome!

Invite guests with a meeting link. Your guests don’t need Vowel to join a meeting, and all your notes, recordings and transcripts will stay private.

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