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Oct 20, 2020

Meetings are where the important stuff happens. They’re the gold standard for decision making and brainstorming. They can bring us closer than just ‘on the same page’ and even turn coworkers into friends. But our everyday, garden variety meeting is a mess. It’s disorganized. It’s expensive. And time seems to do some weird things when we’re in there. 

Turns out, we’re not all that good at virtual meetings either. 

It doesn’t help that we’re using video calling tools that aren’t really meeting tools. Sure, they let us see and hear each other. But a meeting should be so much more than that. It should be working together and building partnerships and staying focused. We should know exactly what comes next after we hang up. 

Vowel is a video conferencing platform that actually makes our meetings better.

What can Vowel do?

For one, Vowel records and transcribes meetings in real time. You can stop franticly scribbling down what other people are saying and instead focus on, well, what they’re saying. If you’re running late, read the feed and it’s like you never missed a thing. 

If you’re left trying to remember a specific nugget dropped during the Q&A, good news: Vowel instantly builds a transcript of each meeting that is annotated, searchable, shareable and delete-able. Simply type “logo” into the search box and within moments, you’re reading through every time someone said the word “logo” aloud. In that meeting or any other you’ve attended. 

Meeting takeaways become clear. What are my action items? They’re right here in the transcript. What did finance say about the timeline? We’ve got an audio recording here. How did we never know that Michelle speaks Mandarin? That’s on you, but it’s in the transcript too.

Let’s go deeper: Vowel lets you share a single relevant clip or even the entire discussion in full, with anyone you like. 

And your guests don’t even need to sign up. It’s all right there in the browser, as simple as inviting someone into your conference room—minus the commute. 

In a Vowel meeting, any attendee can stop and start the recording at any time, allowing you to speak with confidence on and off the record. 

There are collaborative notes that everyone in the meeting can interact with, like a virtual whiteboard at the front of your virtual room. Only this whiteboard has timestamps that let you time travel back to the moment in the recording when that note was written. 

There are third-party app integrations. Soon there will be voice commands and team-level analytics. We could go on, but we recognize that blog posts have their limits, too. 

Simply put: Vowel lets you spend less time in meetings and get more out of them.

Who are you?

We’re a growing team of engineers, designers, inventors, and security experts. We span six time zones and seven countries, and we’re partnered with some amazing investors who share our vision. 

This is only Vowel’s beginning. People used to ask us if remote work was a lasting trend. Now we expect meetings across three time zones. 

It’s time for our tools to catch up. 

We’re incredibly excited for you to experience what we’ve built. If you’re anything like us, you might find that you don’t really hate meetings. You just hate bad meetings.

Team V

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