Vowel "Meet in Your Room" button

1. Zoom makes you download something.

Vowel works right in your browser, so it's easy to join meetings without running yet another app on your machine. And you get a personal room link for both scheduled and ad-hoc discussions.

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The Vowel in-meeting experience including live transcription, collaborative notes, reactions and comments

2. Zoom is clunky.

Vowel is all about making your meetings look and feel better, so you actually enjoy attending them. Streamlined UI, intuitive controls, fun emoji reactions, and much more.

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Vowel upcoming tab

3. Zoom doesn't reinforce good meeting habits.

Agendas. Meeting notes. Action items. Transcripts. With Vowel, all your meeting "stuff" is in one place, so it's easier to streamline your workflow and make your meetings count.

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Search your meetings on Vowel

4. Zoom makes it hard to remember stuff.

Instead of trying to download a recording or find a long-lost meeting chat, Vowel gives you a universal search across your meeting content, all in-browser. It’s your second brain! 

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Live meeting transcription in Vowel

5. You have to upgrade to transcribe and record.

Zoom and other big meeting players require an upgrade if you want to try transcription or recording. Not Vowel! You can use these features even on a free plan.

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Post-meeting recap screen in Vowel

6. You need add-ons to make Zoom useful.

Similar to the last point — if you’re using Zoom, you likely need extra tools for transcription, recording, notes, or agendas. With Vowel, everything works seamlessly in one spot (and saves you $).

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Folder of recorded meetings in Vowel

7. Zoom doesn't save you time.

Vowel helps you get more time back. Bookmark moments to easily find them later, look up decisions instead of meeting again, and skip meetings that aren't crucial (you can watch later at 2x).

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