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AI-Meeting Summaries

Features you'll love:

✅ AI-powered meeting summaries & action items

✅ Catch me up meeting recap summaries

✅ MeetingGPT (AI-powered meeting Q&A)

✅ Zapier integration

✅ Instant recording & live transcripts

✅ A searchable, shareable database of meeting content

✅ Collaborative agendas & meeting notes

✅ Bookmarks, clip creation, & sharing

Why Vowel makes sense for startups

You can’t possibly attend every meeting

Instead, get all the critical meeting info with searchable video clips, transcripts, & AI-powered summaries.

Your meetings shouldn’t be free-for-alls

Head into meetings with focused agendas and head out of them with clear AI-powered action items assigned.

You need to make every dollar go farther

Vowel replaces up to 5+ tools with no add-ons or switching costs. Save hundreds per user per year!

Thousands of teams use Vowel to have better meetings

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