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Agenda timers in Vowel

Set an agenda for every meeting

Create and distribute agendas in Vowel before you meet, without the need for separate docs or apps. The agenda comes into the meeting to keep everyone focused — add timers to keep things on track!

Add an action item to shared meeting notes

Say goodbye to siloed notes and action items

The shared notepad allows anyone in the meeting to contribute to the notes, share links, and assign action items. All notes are time-stamped to the transcript and video so they're easy to revisit in detail.

A screenshot of a recorded meeting summary in Vowel

Provide instant access to meeting recaps

After a meeting ends, everyone who attended gets instant access to the recording with the shared links, notes, and transcript attached. No need to download or wait for the host to share!

Keyword search in Vowel

Search across meeting content

Remember any decision, idea, how-to, or question in seconds. Instead of trying to download a recording or find a long-lost meeting chat, Vowel gives you a universal search across your meeting content, all in-browser.

All plans include

One-click recording & transcription

Meetings are free to record, transcribe, and search at a later date.

Collaborative notes & agendas

Built-in agendas and notes for better meeting prep and follow-through.

Inclusivity features

Talk time percentages, emoji reactions, raise hand button, and more.

Give your team collaboration superpowers

Meeting management FAQ

Power your meeting management (and much more!) with Vowel