Why switch?

Give your remote team collaboration superpowers

Unlock more deep work 🧠

Skip meetings you don't need to attend or “tee up” deep work by searching your meeting content (like you would Slack or email!) to move forward with all the context you need.

Work across time zones 🌎

Team members who are invited meetings outside their working hours will automatically get the summary, notes, and cloud recording — no waiting for the meeting host to share.

Promote better meeting habits ✅

Make every meeting more inclusive and worthwhile with shared agendas + notes, talk time percentages, emojis, hand raises, and comments. See team engagement go way up!

Get better at async communication 💬

Turn your meetings into a searchable knowledge base to use for async work, and create and share clips to provide instant context into a technical issue, decision, or customer insight.

Build an awesome remote onboarding ✨

Create a folder of relevant meeting recordings and clips (all hands, product chats, customer calls) so new hires get instant insight into teammates, culture, and priorities.

Reduce the # of tools in your tech stack ✂️

Keep agendas, notes, transcripts, clips, and recordings in the place you host your meetings, without the need for costly third-party tools, add-ons, or extra cloud storage.

Vowel vs. Zoom

Vowel provides more value in one browser-based tool

Using Zoom? You probably need extra tools for transcription, recording, notes, clips, and agendas. With Vowel, everything works seamlessly in one spot.

  • Host video calls

  • Integrate with calendar

  • Transcribe and record with one click (for free)

  • Take collaborative meeting notes

  • Create action items and tag team members

  • Bookmark key moments and share links to time-stamps

  • Get instant access to cloud recordings

  • See talk time percentages on speaker tiles

  • Create clips from meetings and organize by folder

  • View meeting recaps as soon as you hang up

  • Search across all your meeting content (like Slack or email)

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Thousands of teams use Vowel to have better meetings


What Vowel customers are saying

We ran the numbers and switching to Vowel saves our company $179.12 a year PER USER. This single change has saved us thousands in future costs.

Arjay RugglesArjay RugglesFounder, HomeRoom

As a remote-first company, Vowel has laid the foundation for how we communicate and how we learn from one another across time zones. Without it, we’d be screwed!

Matthias WagnerMatthias WagnerCEO, Flux

I’ve moved most of my meetings from Zoom to Vowel. I’m blown away by the transcription quality, shared notes, and the wonderful ability to find key moments. My clients have been impressed, too.

Brian WangBrian WangExecutive Coach, Dashing Leadership

Vowel is like Zoom+++. It's a really great internal collaboration tool that makes it so easy to catch up on things when you can't attend an important meeting but need to know what happened.

Amy CoxAmy CoxSenior Producer, Thinkmojo
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Need to know more before making the switch to Vowel?

Do I need to download anything?

Nope! Vowel is 100% browser-based. You can learn more about browser support here.

Can I use Vowel with Zoom?

No. Vowel isn't an add-on to Zoom — it has video-conferencing built in, alongside other amazing features like live transcription, shared notes, clips, and universal search across your meeting content.

In other words, you use it instead of Zoom or Google Meet.

How does Vowel's pricing compare to Zoom's?

Vowel's annual plan costs $16.49 USD per member/month ($197.88 for the year). This plan includes unlimited meetings + recording storage, plus dial-in, video downloads, priority support, and more.

Zoom's annual plan costs $16.65 USD per user/month ($199.90 for the year). You can record meetings on this plan, but you only get 5 GB of cloud recording storage per license and you'll need an add-on like Otter to manage transcription, which is an extra $20 USD/user/month billed annually.

In short: Add-ons usually run you an extra $200+ per team member per year on top of your Zoom subscription and you always have to have a robo-guest join your meetings to record and transcribe. There's a better way!

How does video conferencing in Vowel stack up to Zoom?

Vowel covers all the basics of video conferencing — and much more.

Some of the core features you can expect:

  • Browser-based video conferencing with mic and camera settings

  • Screen-sharing

  • Calendar integration (with Google calendar)

  • Virtual backgrounds

  • Admin controls

  • One-click cloud recording

  • Live meeting transcription (when recording is enabled)

  • Emoji reactions and hand raises

  • Mobile web experience (app coming soon!)

  • Meetings for up to 50 participants

  • Dial-in functionality (US and Canada)

For a full breakdown of Vowel vs. Zoom, check out this blog post.

Can I try Vowel for free?

Yes! All users start on a 30-day free trial of the Business plan — no credit card required. After 30 days, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan OR stick to being on the Free plan.

Can I invite people who don't have a Vowel account to a Vowel meeting?

Yes! Anyone can join a meeting if you send them the Vowel meeting link or include it in a calendar invite. As the host, you'll have the ability to let them in the meeting when they join.

Note: You do need an account to create and host meetings on Vowel.

Is Vowel SOC2 compliant?

Yes, Vowel has SOC2 Type II certification. Learn more about our enterprise-grade security features here.

It's time to meet better (for free!)

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