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31 Zoom memes that capture the pain of video meetings

Zoom memes cover photo

The pandemic has put many of us into a new world of remote work, one ruled by tools like Zoom and Slack. But it's not all bad! In fact, the shift to remote work can be super advantageous, even if the pain of too many video meetings is a common side effect.

Because we're in the video conferencing space here at Vowel, we looked at some common pain points of virtual meetings and created a fresh batch of original Zoom memes (you haven't seen these anywhere else). Get ready to dive into everything from 40-minute meeting time cutoffs to "no agenda" anger to "you're on mute" comment overload.


1. Just waiting for that ol' meeting to start.

Yawn. Sigh.

Mr. Bean Zoom meme
2. Cameras off...please?

When you've had 16 calls in a day and you can't imagine looking at yourself any longer (there's a "hide self view" for a reason).

Star Wars Zoom meme
3. The new norm.

Back in the before times, who knew that Zoom was where you'd be spending most of your days? It's okay to feel weird about it.

Oof size Zoom meme
4. Screen sharing woes.

But really Zoom, why do you have to make it so hard to let non-meeting owners share their screen?

Bernie Zoom meme
5. What workday dreams are made of.

When you sincerely hope that Zoom stops working so you can finally get through your gargantuan to-do list.

Robert Downey Jr Zoom meme
6. Hm, where'd that recording go?

You recorded your meeting and you want to go back to it. Should be easy, right? Real talk: Zoom doesn't make it easy.

Confused Zoom meme
7. Background still loading.

Virtual backgrounds are a gift (hide that laundry!), and we thank the product manager that came up with them. Now if only they'd load a little quicker...

Kevin Hart Zoom meme
8. What WFH nightmares are made of.

That time you really wish you were on mute.

Zoom fart meme
9. Let me the ** in.

It's a tale as old as time: you're late to a meeting, feeling stressed/anxious, and Zoom won't stop asking for your credentials.

Captain Picard Zoom meme
10. Hello?

Arrrgh, everything else was set up just right!

Joey Zoom meme
11. Mute button shame.

Nothing like a bunch of "you're on mute" comments to make you feel like your brain isn't working properly.

SpongeBob zoom meme
12. "Zoom fatigue" isn't made up, okay?

Let's call it what it is.

Joker Zoom meme
13. The waiting heebie-jeebies.

There's something ominous about staring at your waiting room screen, knowing the meeting is about to start. It's not just us, right?

Child window Zoom meme
14. Boss...or wizard?

Your boss might be eccentric. But hands up if they're (at least) always consistent.

Gandolf Zoom meme
15. No attend-a.

We all know the importance of a good meeting agenda. So why do 87.25% of Zoom calls not have one?

Kermit Zoom meme
16. The inevitable goodbye.

The half-hearted Zoom wave is human nature, even more so when most people are muted and don't want to actually say "bye."

Lord of the Rings Zoom awkward wave Zoom meme
17. Deep work, I miss you.

Cal Newport would never tolerate all these Zoom meetings, are we right?

Hug of death Zoom meme
18. Let's get this straight.

Never-ending Zoom calls are enough to make anyone crack. If this is you on some days, we're here to help you feel seen.

Watchmen Zoom meme
19. So, who's taking notes?

Being the assigned notetaker gets tired. Let's make taking turns (or better yet, shared notes!) a thing.

Zoom meeting notes meme
20. Saved by the time limit.

Let's not pretend we're not happy about it sometimes.

The Office Zoom meme
21. Still upset about agendas...

It's not okay, okay?

Gordon Ramsey Zoom meme
22. ...and meetings that could've been emails.

Is there anything worse than meeting when you definitely didn't have to meet? You can never get that time back!

This meeting could've been an email meme
23. Be careful what you meet for.

Zoom lost more than 500 million usernames and passwords in 2020. And it was recently reported that the company wants to use AI to track its users' facial expressions. Eeps.

Zoom is watching meme
24. Quality control.

Zoom's video quality isn't terrible. But it doesn't get it Aquaman-level right all the time.

Zoom quality control meme
25. More coffee, please.

Back-to-back video calls have a tendency to suck the energy out of a person. (See: Are meetings a waste of time? for tips)

Trying to look awake Zoom meme
26. Free plan pain, part 1.

When you're just about to prove your point (or blow people away with your part of a presentation)...and the clock hits 41 minutes.

Zoom 40-minute limit meme
27. Free plan pain, part 2.

Y'all get kicked out of a Zoom meeting. As a host, should you ask people to rejoin with the same link? Should you just let it end? So much pressure.

Zoom meeting limit meme
28. Thanks for the help?

Need to contact Zoom? Good luck getting a hold of a real person.

When Zoom crashes meme
29. Pandemic pain.

It's been a long time, folks. It's okay to feel...different.

Tom Hanks Zoom meme
30. Relax: there's another way!

Want something that feels less clunky and more useful than Zoom? Check out Vowel — we're here to make video meetings better.

Video meeting software meme
31. One more time, with feeling.

This is what happens when you keep using Zoom even though better tools exist.

Bart Simpson Zoom meme

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