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Vowel AI: Let AI do the Meeting Grunt Work

Vowel AI

Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, but why are meetings still stuck in the past? If you’re tired of wasting time in unproductive meetings, Vowel AI is the solution. Vowel leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize how you work and ensure everyone is informed and focused. With features like MeetingGPT, Catch Me Up, AI Meeting Summaries, AI Action Items, While You Were Out, and Zapier Integration, Vowel AI works for all types of meetings. Let Vowel AI do the grunt work for you so that you can stay informed, focused, and productive. So get ready to supercharge your meetings and workflow with Vowel AI. Welcome to the future of meetings.

Forget information overload & find collaboration bliss

Content from meetings is often inaccessible without connected workflows. Vowel AI enhances meeting productivity and collaboration by breaking down silos through workflow automation and better data access. For example, MeetingGPT provides AI-powered Q&A for any meeting-related question. In addition, Vowel’s Zapier integration automatically sends AI-generated meeting summaries, action items, and notes to any app used by team members. Vowel AI eliminates the need to rewatch meetings, read transcripts, or manually add action items and decisions to task managers, making meetings more efficient.


MeetingGPT by Vowel offers AI-powered Q&A for meetings. After your meeting ends, you’ll see the Vowel AI lightning bolt icon at the top of the page. Ask Vowel a question about a meeting, and you’ll receive accurate answers without having to sift through recordings or transcripts. Vowel records, transcribes, and analyzes every meeting, making it the perfect tool for those who want to know what decisions were made, who is responsible for a particular task, or if they forgot an action item. With MeetingGPT, you’ll stay focused during meetings, promoting greater productivity.

Here are ❓s you can ask, and Vowel AI will do all the work for you: 

  • When’s the feature shipping?

  • What are my action items?

  • What did [person] say about [subject]?

“My team has lots of long meetings, and I can’t attend them all. Vowel’s MeetingGPT helps me get the gist quickly so I can stay up to date on the latest!” Brooks Solveig, Product Designer at Flux

Zapier integration

Vowel’s Zapier integration automates post-meeting work for teams by sending Vowel’s AI-powered meeting summaries, action items, and notes to the apps they use, like Salesforce, Asana, HubSpot, Google Docs, and Notion. As a result, Vowel AI eliminates the need for manual note-taking and adding meeting data to tools, allowing teams to streamline workflows and centralize product feedback. With the Zapier integration, teams can remove information silos, increase information access, and improve efficiency.

“I built a Zap using the Vowel <> Zapier integration that sends all notes from my user interviews to our #product Slack channel. The whole team gets to read the summary and notes. It helps us iterate and ship product faster.” Alex Cohen, Founder of Spendoso

Let AI do the meeting grunt work for you

Meetings are often critical but can be time-consuming and draining. Vowel AI helps you save time by automating administrative tasks associated with meetings, such as note-taking and sifting through records and transcripts. It records, transcribes, and summarizes every meeting and even suggests action items, so you can focus on what matters and avoid missing important details. As a result, Vowel’s customers save an average of 6 hours per week of administrative work.

"We save between 5 and 6 hours of admin time a week simply by using Vowel. It really is that significant for us. It also saves us $179.12 a year PER USER." Arjay Ruggles, CEO of Homeroom

AI meeting summaries

Vowel automatically generates TLDR summaries at the end of each meeting, saving time and increasing productivity. It uses state-of-the-art LLMs to capture the most important meeting highlights, create an executive summary, and organize them into topics and subtopics with summaries and timestamps. The summary can be shared with the whole team in 1-click, making it easy to digest content and stay informed. You can even jump to any subtopic discussed and listen. It’s the perfect way to digest content. Say goodbye to note-taking and make your follow-ups 10x easier.

AI Meeting Summaries 2.0

“The AI summary after the meeting is incredible and pretty much avoids the need to write notes during your call so you can truly focus on the discussion.” Ben Elliott, CEO & Cofounder of Unplugged

AI-powered action items

Vowel’s AI Action Items feature automatically suggests and assigns key action items in real-time during your meeting, saving you time and ensuring nothing is forgotten. You can accept or decline the suggested action items, which will be added to your notes and meeting summary. In addition, they’ll be aggregated across all your meetings in one place. With Vowel’s Zapier Integration, you can even send the action items to apps like Asana or ClickUp.

AI-action items GIF

“Vowel takes all of your meeting notes and generates a summary for you after the meeting with key points and action items so you don’t have to. I use this for all my stakeholder meetings and design reviews.” Neelima Pradhan, PM at Google

Ensure everyone is on the same page

Life happens; you’re late to a meeting or miss an important meeting because of a vacation or the flu. With Vowel AI, you’ll stay informed and save time by Catch Me Up meeting summaries and a While You Were Out summary email. You no longer need to ask team members to recap what was said, review the whole transcript, or watch every meeting recording. Vowel AI saves everyone time, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.

Catch me up

So much time is wasted waiting for people to show up to meetings. Meetings run over, you oversleep, you have to drop the kids off at school, or you lose track of time. With Vowel AI’s Catch Me Up feature, anyone joining a meeting late will receive a meeting summary, saving time and ensuring critical information is not missed. Instead of interrupting the team or reviewing the entire transcript, the AI-generated summary recaps what you missed. This feature allows meetings to finally start on time. It also works well for those who may zone out during the meeting. We built this feature because life happens, and often you show up late to meetings.

Catch Me Up Animation

“Vowel continues to innovate using AI to make people’s working lives better. I can think of so many cases where "catch me up" is useful and meetings are at the top of my list.” Ethan Eismann, SVP of Design at Slack

While you were out 

Did you miss important meetings because you were on vacation or home sick with the kids? Vowel AI’s While You Were Out feature sends a summary email with meeting summaries and links to all the meetings you missed while you were away. As a result, you no longer have to watch every meeting recording or read every transcript after your vacation. This saves you time and helps you get back up to speed quickly. 

While you were out image

The Future of Meetings is Here 

Vowel simplifies meetings, saves 6 hours per week, and enhances productivity. Its AI-powered features remove information silos, keep you informed, and revolutionize how we conduct meetings. So say goodbye to tedious meetings and hello to the productivity of AI.

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