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Better Meetings

8 team meeting agendas for more focused conversations

Four sample meeting agenda templates

Weekly team meetings take place in almost every team environment. They’re the default space for status updates, problem solving, idea sharing, and assigning actions. They’re also incredibly easy to steer off track — especially if you’re a close team. 

If your team meetings feel unfocused, it’s time to bring in an agenda, stat! And not just any agenda — one designed for weekly discussions, created by someone who understands the challenges of your team. 

In this guide we’ll explore why team meeting agendas are a must-have for your regular syncs, then share some of our most popular team agenda templates for you to copy, paste, and customize. 

Why you need a team meeting agenda

It’s normal to see a meeting agenda for more structured or formal meetings, like a board meeting or shareholders meeting. But these documents shouldn’t be just for formal meetings — they’re just as valuable for weekly team meetings, daily standups, and one-on-one meetings

A great team meeting agenda helps you: 

  • Set the meeting objectives and purpose of the meeting

  • Share the talking points and the amount of time suggested for each agenda item

  • Reference anything your team members should review beforehand, e.g. metrics, proposals, drafts

  • Arrive at the meeting feeling more focused and informed

Without a team meeting agenda, you’re more likely to have an unproductive meeting — and who wants that? With the right agenda, your team members know exactly what to prepare for and how to take part in the most effective way. And you can make space for positive reinforcement and team-building!

Pair this with some great team meeting ideas and you have the recipe for more productive and successful meetings.

8 team meeting agenda templates to drive better conversations

When you want to create the best environment for team discussions, tap into the knowledge of people in your field. Explore these expertly crafted agendas (or a few others!) to find the right one for your next meeting. 

1. Weekly team meeting 📆

Suggested time: 45-60 minutes

It’s easy for weekly team meetings to become a chance for the entire team to get into a long discussion about what’s happening in the world around them. While team bonding is essential, sometimes you want to keep the discussion on track. 

With our weekly staff meeting agenda template, created by Verne Harnish (author of Rockefeller Habits), you can run a more structured and effective team meeting. The template helps you discuss day-to-day details and check in on your team’s needs, but also gives you space to talk about key priorities and larger topics. 

➡️ Try this weekly team meeting agenda template

2. Leadership team meeting 🔝

Suggested time: 60 minutes

Leadership team meetings are an ideal opportunity to discuss challenges and complex decisions. The right agenda can help you stay focused on your goals, while keeping a pulse on what’s happening right now.

For your next remote meeting, try this agenda template by Shawn Kent Hayashi. It offers a great mix of agenda items that allow leaders to share updates, raise issues, and make decisions. There’s also a prompt at the end to rank the meeting, so you’re always focused on improvement. 

➡️ Try this leadership team meeting agenda

3. Product team meeting 🏗️

Suggested time: 45-60 minutes

Product team meetings can feel like they last forever, with so many details to cover and roadblocks to navigate. It’s easy to get lost in status updates from every team member. 

Switch to a more structured way of running your product update meetings with this agenda from Andy Johns. The goal is to collect information about the decisions you need to make before the meeting, and dedicate most of the time to making those decisions. This makes sure you make better progress towards your goals. 

➡️ Try this product team meeting template

4. Growth team meeting 📈

Suggested time: 60 minutes

Working on a growth team can be exciting, but it’s hard to know the best way to measure current experiments while planning for the future. What you need is an agenda to help you record progress and look ahead to the next cycle. 

This excellent growth team meeting agenda template, masterminded by Jim Huffman, sets out clearly defined time blocks to discuss metrics, current tests, lessons learned, and the next point of focus. It’s a great option to help your growth team meetings feel more organized, productive, and motivational. 

➡️ Try this growth team meeting template

5. Marketing team meeting 📣

Suggested time: 60 minutes

There’s rarely a quiet day in the world of marketing, which means marketing team meetings can feel chaotic at times with too many talking points. Take back control and run more productive meetings with a clear agenda.

Like the growth team meeting template, this agenda template by Andy Crestodina splits your time between reviewing what’s happening now and planning for the future. The meeting kicks off with major issues and celebrations, before moving into each discussion item. Close out the meeting with clear action items so everyone can stay on track. 

➡️ Try this marketing team meeting template

6. Content marketing team meeting 📝

Suggested time: 45-60 minutes

Working as a content marketer means you’re surrounded by briefs, drafts, metrics, and inspiration boards. Make sense of everything and steer your way to success with a team meeting agenda that helps you focus. 

This content marketing team meeting agenda template brings together the best mix of data and creativity, as well as reflection and looking ahead. The template is designed around collaboration and teamwork, so there are prompts to share the content calendar, metrics dashboards, and sample content. 

➡️ Try this content marketing team meeting template

7. Sales team meeting 💰

Suggested time: 30-50 minutes

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to sales. The same can be said for your sales team meetings.

Take inspiration from this 6-step agenda from Salesforce and center your meetings around mindset. Get team updates, invite ideas, and plan your team's next steps together. What’s great about this agenda is the dedicated space for celebrating wins — ideal if you want to motivate your team and show your appreciation. 

➡️ Try this sales team meeting template

8. Customer support team meeting 👍

Suggested time: 30-50 minutes

Customer support team meetings can be tricky to arrange, and are best kept short. Use a meeting agenda to help you stay on track, avoid distractions, and cover the most valuable topics. 

This customer support team meeting agenda template was created by customer experience expert Craig Stoss. It’s split into three areas — updates, a new project update, and a section for questions and action items. This mix gives you space to discuss issues and solve problems, and also move your team forward with new initiatives. 

➡️ Try this customer support team meeting template

Host better team meetings on Vowel

A carefully crafted agenda can help you host better remote meetings with your team — but so can the technology you use.

Where other tools offer you a place to have your video meetings, Vowel lets you plan, host, capture, search, and share meetings from one browser window — leading to better meetings *and* better recall from meetings (which ultimately leads to better work!).

Here are a few ways you can use Vowel for your team meetings:

  • Create agendas for every meeting (with timers!) and save your meeting time for valuable discussion and decision making. You can also import and save agendas in Vowel so they're ready to go for future meetings.

Share meeting agendas in Vowel
  • Use emojis, comments, and hand raises to participate without interrupting or going off mute. Take shared notes with your team, visible to everyone and time-stamped to the recording and transcript.

Add an action item to shared meeting notes
  • Bookmark key moments so you can easily find the decisions and context to do your work later. You can even share a clip during (or after) the meeting — here's a tip from Vowel's Head of Product:

Ready to host better team meetings? Try Vowel for free and enjoy a more productive team meeting next week — and every week after.