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your meetings

Vowel is a tool that captures your team’s meetings. Use it to annotate meetings in real-time, tag action items, call back ideas verbatim—and a whole lot more.

Great teams use Vowel.

Take better notes, without taking notes.

Mark key moments in real-time and tag the team members who need to know—so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Ctrl + F your meetings.

With Vowel’s powerful search tools it’s dead simple to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Miss a meeting? You won’t miss a thing.

Share great ideas and important decisions so your whole team can hear them—without sitting through an hour-long meeting.

Sound like you’re in the same room, even when you are.

We use multi-mic and echo-cancellation technology so that everyone can use their device in the meeting — even if they are in the same room! Now everyone can share their screen and be close to the mic when they’re speaking!

People are talking.

Vowel is great at capturing retros in a structured way so we can go back and understand what’s happening over time.

Engineering Manager, Segment

Plays well with others.

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