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Vowel is a video conferencing tool that actually makes meetings better. Plan, host, transcribe, search, and share your meetings.

Great teams use Vowel.

Take better notes, without taking notes.

Mark key ideas and decisions from teammates in real-time to reference anytime. Be fully present in your meetings and never miss the important stuff.

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Ctrl + F your meetings.

With Vowel’s powerful search tools it’s dead simple to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Miss a meeting? You won’t miss a thing.

Share great ideas and important decisions so your whole team can hear them—without sitting through an hour-long meeting.

People are talking.

I had my aha moment today. It is really slick how you guys tie the transcript and the audio together, particularly with the search feature. I gave someone a bunch of advice on running a workshop that I had never said before. It was a bit of a spontaneous call, so I’m really glad it was recorded.

Sean Ellis, Founder of GoPractice.io

It’s very easy. Having a place to keep notes and see where things are happening post-meeting is really interesting. And going back and seeing the timeline is extremely powerful.

Diego Zaks, Design Director at Ramp

Vowel is super beneficial when I have to join a call late. I can always go back, read the transcript of what’s been happening, and immediately be up to speed. I just did that today and it was super helpful.

Anthony Mangia, Head of Growth at Nanit

I really like the way you can take notes in real time and have those notes tied to the transcription. Really great transcription with notes attached to them is a game-changer for me.

Ran Reske, Co-CEO of Resident Home

Whenever I have the first meeting with someone on our team, I get to show them the features and they’re like – oh wow, that’s incredible.

Colin Panetta, Director of UX at Last Call Media

Plays well with others.

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